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About Us​

   I'm a professional Woodworker based in Ottawa and have found out that I have an eye for detail.  Woodworking was and still is a passion for me.  Building a business out of my passions is something that I wanted to do and decided in 2009 that time to do so was upon me.  I haven't thought of looking back and doing something else.

   This is something that we do Full time.  We often build furniture of our own design and that permits us to tailor them to the lifestyle of our beloved customers.

  If I didn't mention this before I love what I do and it shows in my work.  The Joy of handcrafting things is seeing how people enjoy your furniture.  In the end that is why I wanted to be in this trade.

  If you just want to see pictures of my work pinterest is probably the best option.  If you want to see how I build things then on my Instagram is the best spot to start.  We also have a facebook page that has a little of everything I guess.

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