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Outdoor Furniture

  Matteout manufactures in house quality cedar furniture that even your neighbours will envy.  We only use #1 Quality White Cedar from Canadian Sawmills.  White Cedar is one of the finnest woods for outdoor furniture because of it's pale colour and resiliency to the weather.
Benches, Chairs and Loungers

  Quality, style and comfort is what we strive for when we build any furniture.  These are no exeption.

Gliders and Swings

  Quality, style and functunality are our moto towards our gliders and swings.  We build them to be used and enjoyed for a long time. 

Tables, Patio sets and Picnic Tables

   Quality, sturdy and functional.  We want you to enjoy the outdoors in BBQ season and we want people to have something that they can showcase to their friends and neighbours.

Arbour Bench1.JPG.jpg
Arbours and Pergolas

   Quality, sturdy and functional.  We tailor our pergola and arbours to your needs.  We love integrating benches and swings into these to make a ornament that is functional for and a relaxing part to your day.

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